The UK Independence Party is due to make its maiden venture into Watford mayoral politics after selecting a candidate to challenge in the May elections.

The party’s Watford branch has chosen its vice chairman, Phil Cox, to stand against Mayor Dorothy Thornhill, who is seeking a fourth term in office.

The IT business man, who lives in central Watford, said he was prompted to stand as he was not happy with the way Watford Borough Council was being run.

He also cited the mayor’s handling of the health campus and plans to build on the Farm Terrace Allotments as motivations behind his decision to stand.

Mr Cox, 53, said: "I felt I was well placed to put myself forward in terms of skills. I am also not happy with the way the council is being run at the moment and feel it could be run better.

"I don’t think it is very representative of the people of Watford. It is a council that tends to tell people what to do rather than doing things for you.

"I am also very unhappy with the current mayor, Dorothy Thornhill. More evidence seems to be emerging that she has not been entirely straight with the electorate over the Farm Terrace Allotments and the health campus."