The MP for south west Hertfordshire was given a grilling by pupils when he visited a South Oxhey school on Friday.

David Gauke was given a tour of Warren Dell Primary School, in Gosforth Lane, by headteacher, Jenny Morley.

Pupils then settled down in the morning assembly to quiz their local MP on topics ranging from what his job entails to public speaking.

Topical issues were also discussed such as whether or not schools might be open from 9pm to 6pm and the suggested law change which would make it illegal to smoke in cars.

Speaking after the assembly about his visit, Mr Gauke said: "It’s important in seeing what’s going on in schools and explain to children what the role of the MP is. There’s always a danger that Westminster can seem quite far removed for constituents and it shouldn’t be like that.

"This is a democracy and it’s dependent on millions of people participating in it, which is why it’s so good to talk to young children in schools."

Warren Dell was one of four schools that Mr Gauke visited on Friday, with others being Christ Church of England School, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and Merchant Taylors.

Mr Gauke was invited to look round the schools by Three Rivers District councillor, Ty Harris.

Mr Gauke’s visit comes weeks after the school received a “good” grading by Ofsted, with inspectors commending the school for the good, and sometimes outstanding, teaching and the “excellent” support provided to students.

Pupils’ academic progress and behaviour were also praised.

However, inspectors noted that not enough teaching is outstanding and that pupils’ handwriting, grammar and spelling are “not good enough”.