The Queen Mother once described Chorleywood as “that delightfully green oasis on the outskirts of London,” according to Mr John Ellis, chairman of the Chorleywood Residents’ Association.

Mr Ellis was giving evidence at an inquiry when F. J. Thompson and Co, acting on behalf of Mr A De Luca, appealed against the refusal by Chorleywood Urban Council to permit the building of two detached houses or bungalows on land behind new houses in Chorleywood Road.

Mr Ellis said the association, which has more than 1,000 members, is not opposed to reasonable development in Chorleywood, but was concerned at recent attempts by developers to force upon the community greater densities than those laid down by the authorities. “In our view the time has come to call a halt,” he said.

“If there is a breakthrough at the Isleham site, that is if five houses are permitted where one bungalow originally stood, the floodgates will be opened and ultimately the whole character of Chorleywood will be irretrievably ruined.”

[From the Watford Observer of February 4, 1972]

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