Watford FC defender Nyron Nosworthy will have to wait to learn his fate after being involved in a "road rage" confrontation with a cyclist who he pushed over after they collided at traffic lights.

The Jamaican international left the cyclist with a fractured wrist, which needed a full cast and up to a year of rehab, a court heard today.

The attack came after the cyclist complained about being knocked off his bike by the 33-year-old.

Today at Camberwell Magistrates Court the six-foot Brixton-born defender, who has also played five seasons in the Premier League with Sunderland and represented Gillingham and Sheffield United admitted the attack, and was bailed to return to the court for sentence on February 10.

He pleaded guilty on his first appearance to assaulting Joe Minihane, causing him actual bodily harm, in Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth on August 13, last year.

His lawyer Theo Addae told the court: "Mr Nosworthy is a professional footballer for Watford and in August, last year he was injured and as a result was travelling to a physio in Oxford Circus."

The player had suffered a season-ending Achilles injury while on international duty in March.

Mr Addae said: "He was making his way there, driving down the road, and at traffic lights there was a cyclist intending to go right, but was on the left and cut across the front of Mr Nosworthy's vehicle and a collision occurred."

Nosworthy claims Mr Minihane got up and started to shout and swear at the footballer and referred to him using an abusive term.

Mr Addae told the court: "He wound down his window to say: 'You cut in front of me,' and the cyclist told him to: "F*** off."

The court was told that Nosworthy pulled over to speak to the cyclist, who claims he then approached him in an "aggressive manner."

"At that time verbal abuse was still coming at Mr Nosworthy and he pushed Mr Minihane once only, causing the cyclist to stumble backwards and that stumble caused the injury,” said Mr Addae.

"It was only the unfortunate manner in which the cyclist fell over that caused the injury."

Nosworthy was later phoned by the police and attended a voluntary interview.

"He was candid and frank and said he never intended to cause an injury that never could be foreseen," said Mr Addae.

Urging the court to conclude the case with a fine and compensation order the lawyer added: "He has shown an exemplary record on and off the pitch, has done talks with youth offending teams and at schools in Brixton and Peckham.

"He has taken time out of his career to assist youngsters with his story of beginning in inner city London and becoming an international footballer."

The court heard Nosworthy is in a long-term relationship and his girlfriend is expecting their first child in March.

He hopes to pursue a career in coaching when his playing days are over.

District Judge Vanessa Baraitser told Nosworthy the offence was too serious to simply be dealt with by a fine, telling him: "The context of this incident was collision between a vehicle and a cyclist.

"You got out of that vehicle, the prosecution say in an aggressive manner, it was a hard enough push for that cyclist to stagger and in the context of a concrete pavement you must have realised there was potential for serious injury.

"A full cast was required and full function will not return to that wrist for six to 12 months."