Plans to build four houses opposite an infant school in Radlett have been branded a "monstrosity" by concerned residents.

Fusion Residential submitted an application to Hertsmere Borough Council for the partial demolition of 13 Gills Hill Lane to build four houses with associated access, car parking, garages and landscaping on land at the rear of 9-13 Gills Hill Lane.

Simon Valins, who lives in Gills Hill Lane, said the main concern was for the school children at St John’s Infant school.

The 46-year-old said: "The main objection is the proposal is a death trap for children - the access road to the development is bang opposite St John’s School entrance.

"Extra traffic would increase the danger to young children and families going to and from the school.

"The proposal would also have a detrimental impact on the character of the area, which is semi-rural along with having a negative impact on the privacy and amenity space of neighbouring residents.

Mr Valins said he has already started the "fight" by leafleting nearly 100 local residents.

He continued: "We are very upset that an application for another "garden grab" development has been submitted for this location. We are dismayed that the traffic impact has been simplified by the applicant and that the environmental impact to Phillimore Recreation Ground has not been considered properly.

"The consequences of approving this application would set a dangerous precedent for the future character of Radlett and the negative impacts on the lives of local residents. People have moved here because of its semi-rural appeal, which would gradually be eroded by such urban developments.

"This is another monstrous garden grab plan."

The plans were recently heard at an Aldenham Parish Council planning meeting, where the council voted to object the proposal on the grounds of safety issues.

The group set up to oppose green grabbing in Radlett said they will fight the application to retain the unique character and ambience of the area.

Watford Observer:

Co-founder of Radlett Against Garden Grabbing (RAGG) Graham Goodkind said: "RAGG is right behind the opposition to the scheme at Gills Hill Lane and is supporting those against it where it can.

"RAGG's primary concern is the potential loss of garden and green space that would ensue if the application was successful and in turn the detrimental effect on the uniqueness of Radlett. The developers do not have the best interests of Radlett at heart, only their own pockets."

Iain Taylor, head of planning at Fusion Residential, said Radlett was a "desirable place to live, yet lacking sufficient numbers of new homes to meet demand."

He said: "There appears to be a belief amongst some parties that Radlett has reached saturation point for new housing and that the ‘drawbridge’ should now be pulled up to prevent further development. "This belief is out of step with self-evident need as well as Local and National Planning Policy regarding housing provision.

"Radlett has a lot of spare land surplus to the requirements of its owners - land which can be developed by any party where owners are willing to let the same occur.

"There would be no harm caused either to local amenity or Radlett as a whole by the proposed scheme."

To date, there have been seven objections to the application online.