A prize of one guinea will be awarded by the Watford Road Safety Committee for the first entry opened giving, briefly, the correct description of the error in road usage shown in the picture, together with the number of the appropriate paragraph in the Highway Code.

Entries should be sent to the Road Safety Organiser, Town Hall, Watford, marked “Competition” to be received not later than 5.30pm on Tuesday, February 17, 1948. The decision of the committee must be accepted as final.

Watford Observer: cyclist


[From the Watford Observer of February 13, 1948]

NOSTALGIA NOTE: The winner of the above competition, and recipient of a guinea (one pound and one shilling [£1.05] if you’re puzzled) was Miss Joan Williams of Beechwood Rise, Watford. She correctly stated the cyclist is riding too close behind a fast-moving vehicle (Paragraph 65 of the Highway Code).

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