Council bosses have made a move to reduce the noise pollution around Bovingdon Airfield.

An enforcement order has been served on companies operating on the area of Runways Farm, Bovingdon, which is home to Bovingdon Airfield, in an effort to stop the motor activities currently taking place there.

Dacorum Borough Council has received complaints from many locals about the noise caused by the "driver experience days" which started in the last few years. Five companies have begun offering these experience days, which involves drifting, skidding and racing high performance sports cars. This has resulted in the screeching and squealing of tyres and roaring of high performance engines.

According to Bovingdon Action Group, the noise has escalated dramatically since 2012. The airfield is also regularly used for filming and Brad Pitt was recently in the village shooting his latest movie.

A spokeswoman for Dacorum Borough Council said: "An Enforcement Notice was served on Runways Farm two weeks ago requiring the cessation of all motor activities on the site, and associated parking and storage, other than approved already for the police.

"The site has seen a significant increase in and variation to this activity since 2011 and some of the users were very noisy, leading to complaints from many local residents. The site is located in the Green Belt, where there is a presumption against inappropriate activity.

"As a result the enforcement notice was served. The requirements of the notice will come into effect on Feb 22nd unless an appeal is made.

"Bovingdon Airfield is not all owned by one person and the notice does not apply across the entire airfield site. There should be no implications for filming activity, as filming is not covered by the Notice and most filming activities have been taking place on other parts of Bovingdon Airfield. Filming does itself require planning permission."