A Radlett primary school was on top form after winning two football tournaments for the first time in the school’s 15 year history.

Eighteen girls and boys from year five and six at Hertsmere Jewish Primary School took part in two separate Maccabi Interschool Football Tournaments.

Both events, at Mill Hill Power League, welcomed 11 schools, who brought 33 teams to play between them with a total of 300 children taking part in each.

The tournament saw schools split into six groups where they had to play each other in a league format with the top team in each group, along with the top two best overall runners-up, qualifying for the Knock-Out stages.

After hours of play in treacherous conditions, the Year 6 A teams were successful and sent through to the finals of the boys and girls competition.

P.E teacher Sharon Skolnek said: "I am very proud of all of the children that took part in this competition. The recent funding from the government has allowed me to provide additional training to all children and the impact of this is clear to see through the results we are achieving in competitive sport."

In addition to winning the football, children from years two three and four took part in the Watford and Hertsmere School Sports Partnership Gymnastics Competition at Hertswood School on Tuesday. The children were divided into Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 for the competition and both teams came in first place. Next week they will compete in the Key Stage 1 and 2 Partnership Finals.