Spoil-sports caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage to pitches at Fullerians Rugby Club in Coningesby Drive, Watford, at the weekend.

The damage was caused sometime after 11am on Sunday when vandals sped across the heavily water-logged playing surfaces of two pitches cutting up the turf, leaving deep tyre tracks, and rendering them unplayable.

Watford Observer: Fullers

There were no games at the club on Sunday because of the heavy rain.

The damage jeopardised a number of junior games scheduled to take place, weather permitting, there this Sunday.

Club steward Gary Wall said: "We should get the games on but it will be a huge inconvenience meaning undamaged pitches will have to be used for several games when they are already struggling because of the rain.

"Its hugely frustrating because we are trying to raise money to build a new clubhouse and now we are going to have to shell out to repair this mindless damage to our pitches.

"On top of the cost of treating the surfaces we are also going to have to pay out for fencing to be erected around the paddock to ensure this doesn’t happen again."

The club has reported the damage to the police and is appealing to neighbours in Coningesby Drive to report any suspicious behaviour in that part of the Cassiobury estate.