Hand bells rang out a merry tune at the meeting of the St James Senior Citizens Club last week to raise £500 to restore the bells at St James Parish Church.

Members were instructed by tower captain Sue Morton and assisted by bell ringers, Mr and Mrs Baldwin, along with the Rector Father Neil Kelley.

The afternoon, arranged by Molley Brain, was for the St James’ Bushey Parish Church Bells Appeal to raise funds for the new bells and ropes.

Molley Brain, who runs the club, said: "The club is amazed and proud of the generosity of its members towards such an important part of the Bushey community and its village history.

"We hope this will give inspiration to other organisations to follow in our footsteps in order to continue to swell the fund towards its ultimate target of £90,000. "I hope others will also give generously in support of this cause."