Pupils had to solve a murder mystery at a Northwood school last Friday.

Students at St Martin’s School, in Moor Park Road, turned detectives and interviewed murder suspects in an exercise organised by the school’s English department.

Staff dressed up as suspects, with roles including a gardener, butler and a lord and lady.

Year 8 pupil Stefan Dezyk said: "I walked into my English room with my class, not knowing what would happen next. There was some typed out background information on my desk with all the information we needed to solve the mystery at Snidestone Manor.

"We discussed the day and I could not wait. We looked at each of the accounts and tried to distinguish the factual information from speculation.

"The next day we went through a slide show and looked at each room in the manor and tried to describe them as much as possible to create an eerie atmosphere. We then went through each character looking for questions to ask them."

The whole school participated in the exercise, which was designed to help pupils with their questioning and English skills.