Proposals to build two "parkour" facilities in Three Rivers play areas have been submitted to the district council.

Parkour involves moving in an environment, typically one that is urban, in an unusual way, often swinging, vaulting and jumping over obstacles.

The discipline sees participants moving through a built environment in different ways, whether that be the more simple or complicated approach.

Plans to build a facility in Baldwins Lane Recreation Ground, in Croxley Green, and in Kings George V Playing Fields, in Mill End, have been submitted to the council.

King George V Recreation Ground currently has two tennis courts, a bowling green, sports pavilion, football pitches and a skate park and a fenced playground.

The proposed parkour facility will be built on the northwestern side of the recreation ground, situated southwest of the skate park.

Watford Observer:

The proposed Baldwins Lane Recreation Ground parkour facility will be located on the northern side of the recreation ground, situated at the back of the larger carpark, between the tennis courts and the skate park.

Watford Observer:

Plans propose that both sites will be unfenced and will be composed of a combination of blocks and railings, combined in such a way that will allow people to leap, jump and balance on the obstacles.

Both facilities will be aimed at those between 11 and 18 years old.