The owner of a business in Bushey that was the victim of a suspected arson said she is "completely devastated" they will have to remain closed for at least two months, with the damage being estimated at around £100,000.

Kathy Ran and Isaac Rafaeli own Hot Zen yoga, which is in The Click Studios in Bushey High Street.

Firefighters and police were called to the studios on Friday, January 24 after a fire broke out in the hall.

Mrs Ran said: "Both Isaac and myself find the situation completely devastating. We have been trying to keep a positive attitude, but it is very hard when the salvage company takes away all your belongings and throws it in the rubbish.

"Not only did it disrupt our lives, but our workers and our Hot Zen Community that make up the better part of 800 people since we opened in September. We keep hopeful from the love and support that we have received from our Hot Zen friends and family."

The damage caused by the fire is in the upwards range of £100,000. The studio has been closed since the fire and hopes to be completely back to normal by April 1.

Mrs Ran continued: "There is a considerable amount of smoke damage and looks like the floor, ceiling and wall all need to be replaced, along with the amazing heater for our hot yoga.

"The thermostat actually melted from the amount of heat in the room. All that can be seen is the last of the yoga straps hanging wearily from the wall, all the yoga bricks just disintegrated."

Mrs Ran said she has been overwhelmed by the support the studio has received. She said: "Hot Zen has had a huge outpouring of support from the community with over 100 emails containing offers of cleaning and painting our business.

"This has meant the world to us and we look forward to rebuilding and reopening."

"It's our clients that keep us going and give us hope. We hope to see everyone soon on their mat. We are definitely staying, as we love this community and our beautiful space."

The studio was recently featured in Optima magazine and won the SCOOT small business award in the UK.

Hertfordshire Constabulary believes the incident occurred between 10.15pm on Thursday, January 23 and 8am on Friday, January 24.

A spokesperson said anyone that might have witnessed the incident should contact police, quoting the reference number J2/14/91.