A song recorded by an eight-year-old boy from Croxley Green has been used as the walk-on music of a Grammy nominated singer.

Markus Gower, from Baldwins Lane, recorded the Chris Trapper cover after seeing him at a gig last year.

The American artist began his career as the front man of rock band The Push Stars. He is most well known for his Grammy nominated song "This Time", featured in the Robin Williams film "August Rush".

His music has also featured in several other films, including "There’s Something About Mary", "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Say It Isn’t So".

Markus and his father James met Chris Trapper in the foyer of the gig, where he was selling CDs and merchandise.

James Gower said Markus particularly liked the song "Not Normal" and would often sing along to it.

He added: "He really enjoyed the song and was always singing along to it. My friend has a studio so we decided to go over and record him.

"We’re keen to encourage anything that builds his confidence. From the age of two or three he has been interested in sensing, even before he could talk properly. He knew all the lyrics to the Thomas the Tank Engine songs."

During November 2013 Chris Trapper was back in the UK promoting his new CD "Technicolor" and at a concert in the Lowry Theatre, Salford, Markus gave Chris a copy of his recording.

James said: "A few days later we got a short email from Chris saying he enjoyed Markus’s interpretation of the song.

"Then we got another email asking us to send a master copy over for Chris to use as his walk on music on his current American tour."

After the show a fan contacted the musician via his Facebook page and asked if the song had been performed by his own son.

Mr Trapper replied: "No that was a kid from England who sent me his interpretation of the song, and I love it."

Since then, Markus has recorded a final version of the song, and a video, and uploaded it to YouTube.