A Bushey councillor called for the resignation of the Deputy Prime Minister live on the radio yesterday.

Bushey North representative Councillor Leslie Winters phoned into LBC’s weekly breakfast show, which sees Nick Clegg challenged by listeners and the show’s host Nick Ferrari.

Mr Winters called after Mr Clegg’s comments about “cosying up” with Labour in the next General Election.

Mr Winters said on air: “As Deputy Prime Minister of the coalition for four years, you have been very critical of Labour's economic record.

'P45 and marching orders'

“Last weekend on another radio station you said Labour had become more credible and then if no party had an overall majority in the next election you would tend to cosy up with Labour.

“I have two questions for you. Why should the PM not give you your P45 and marching orders, and secondly have you have absolutely no shame to be so disloyal. I think is absolutely amazing that you can do that.”

Nick Clegg said in response: “I’m sorry to hear Leslie you feel so strongly. I didn’t of course say that. If you listen to the interview, what I said was actually a rather common place, unsurprising observation which was that given that Labour appeared so completely unprepared for a hung parliament in 2010 you would have thought they have changed since then and are more open to planning for the possibility they might need to share power. I didn’t say anything about their credibility on the economy.

'A little over the top'

“In fact I remain as critical now as I always have done for Labour's failure to apologise for the economic mess they created. So I think the reaction to those rather unsurprising observations was a little over the top but there you go. That’s the way people sometimes extrapolate from these kinds of comments.”

Speaking after the radio call in, Mr Winters said: “I was invited to speak to Nick Clegg and questioned him as to his blatant disloyalty in his position as deputy prime minister.

“Nick Clegg declined to answer as to my wish that the PM give him his P45 over his shameful outburst, where he said he would consider supporting the Labour Party after the next election should the result be a hung parliament. He is unfit to hold the office of deputy PM and be kicked out. He just did not have the answers and waffled on. I hope to meet up with him again.”

During the show, Nick Clegg also challenged Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, to a live debate on Britain's membership of the European Union before May's elections.

The show can be heard via: http://www.lbc.co.uk/call-clegg-watch-live-on-lbc-tv-65540