A traffic study is due to be taken at Watford Junction station as London Midland has admitted its redesign has caused "issues".

Watford MP, Richard Harrington, said a video study of traffic movements around the station is due to start next week as the train company considers changes to the contentious layout.

London Midland has come under fire from residents and politicians in the town since it finished a £1.3 million redesign of the station last year.

The revamp saw the station’s drop-off bays were removed from the Station Road entrance and a new short stay car park created off Woodford Road. However the new arrangement has seen drivers dumping passengers off in front of the station in moving traffic rather than using the new car park.

The redesign also saw the taxi rank removed from the front of the station so it could be pedestrianised and repositioned along the access road to the station’s car park.

Mr Harrington said he had been in correspondence with Patrick Verwer, the chief executive of London Midland, over the problems and he had agreed the that "both the current taxi process and drop off situation are issues following the station development."

The Conservative MP also said he was due to speak to the Department for Transport regarding National Stations Improvement Project funding to build an exit road from the back of Watford Junction on to St Albans Road.

Richard Harrington added: "After months of hard work and an awful lot of pressure I am pleased that London Midland and the council are now accepting that something has to be done to improve access to Watford Junction Station.

"I have received numerous complaints and feel very strongly that a station design which requires people to drive away from the entrance to access the drop off area, and a bus forecourt with an entrance too narrow for many buses, is clearly not right and has to be rectified.

"Whilst I did hope that this could have been done sooner, I would like to thank the Hackney Carriage Association for their help with the trial, and am glad that we are now one step close to improvements being made."