More than half of the £80,000 needed to send a Croxley Green pupil to America for an operation which will help him walk has been raised, thanks to the "phenomenal" and "heart-warming" support of the community.

Four-year-old Noah Collins has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and the degenerative condition means that he uses a walking frame to help with his mobility.

The Yorke Mead Primary School pupil has been accepted for a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy operation in America, which is a neurological procedure aimed at reducing tight and stiff muscle tone.

Supporters have been organising an array of fundraising activities. To date, £46,686 of the £80,000 needed has been raised.

'So grateful'

Dave Collins, Noah’s father, said: "The support has been phenomenal and it’s been very heart-warming.

"There are people that we don’t even know coming forward and helping. It’s fantastic and people are just trying to do what they can.

"Some might be able to donate a couple of pounds, and others are contributing thousands. It’s people doing what they can and we’re so grateful."

The 39-year-old, who works in IT, said the family has been particularly overwhelmed by the support they have received from children.

He said: "There have been several children donating money they have raised through different fundraising activities, but what is really special is that we’ve had kids donate money they’ve got from the tooth fairy, as well as donating their pocket money and birthday money."

Mr Collins, who lives in The Chase, in Watford, said that two pupils at Noah’s school are asking for classmates to donate money to the four-year-old’s campaign instead of giving them birthday presents this year.

He added: "It’s lovely that they are getting involved and it’s a testament to how well they have been brought up. This whole thing has made us realise how lovely people can be.

'Kind and generous people'

"If you were to sit and watch the news you might be tempted to say how bad things have become in communities.

"But the process that we’re going through has shown that, actually, there are lots and lots of really kind and generous people out there."

Earlier this month, Marsha Crilly held a live music charity event at Bar Bodega, in Watford High Street, which raised £10,539 for the Help Noah Walk campaign.

Mr Collins said he and his wife, Jeanette, 41, could not have anticipated how quickly the fundraising has "snowballed" and the family are hoping enough money will be raised for Noah to have his operation before the end of the year.

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