A parish council has released its annual finance report, which revealed they had to spend £14,000 on "unanticipated work on trees".

Aldenham Parish Council revealed their reserves consist of £188,445, which can only be used on capital spending.

There is another £206,213 earmarked for particular projects, such as replanting trees, Radlett Centre refurbishment and more on Phillimore Pavilion. In general reserve the council has £101,613.

The biggest single expenditure, apart from the grant to the Radlett Centre Trust and staff salaries, was for unanticipated work on trees throughout the Parish which totalled around £14,000.

So the council could remain within its forecast budget for 2013/14, £8,000 was transferred from the contingency to Parks and Open Spaces Committee to meet the extra cost.

At present, the council employs a full-time Parish Council Manager, four part-time office staff, four full-time and one part-time groundstaff.