An 18-year-old from Watford has marched out on parade at HMS Raleigh to celebrate his transformation from a civilian into a Royal Navy sailor.

Trainee Warfare Specialist Harry Truman arrived at the Royal Navy training base in Cornwall last December to embark on his 10-week induction course. Harry is a former pupil of Westfield Community Technology College, and previously worked as a sales assistant. He said: "Joining the Royal Navy was a long term passion to do something out of the ordinary and it’s also a great way to travel the world.

"A highlight of the training was the military exercise at a former pilchard harbour around the coast from HMS Raleigh. Morale was high and it was a great experience.

"I also enjoyed our time driving the small boats out of the river. Overall training was an amazing experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity."

With the first phase of his training complete Harry is heading off to HMS Collingwood in Hampshire for his professional course. There, during a three month course, he will learn how to set-up and operate the systems that give the ship information about what is on the surface and in the air.

Harry will also learn how to detect and report radar jamming and learn about data links and voice radio circuits to pass on vital information to the ship's command team and others.