A group of traditional Asian dancers added an authentic touch to a fundraising evening with an Indian theme held at Stanborough Park Seventh-day Adventist Church in Garston on Saturday evening.

More than 90 people, many adding to the atmosphere by dressing in Asian costumes, sat down to a three-course vegetarian Indian meal and helped raise several hundred pounds towards the cost of funding a new initiative by church members to help to meet the needs of the local community in a practical way.

The evening culminated with a display of Indian dancing by five members of Southall-based "Anita's Dance Factory".

The church is planning to adopt the Community Chaplaincy Scheme which has been trialled in the south London/Surrey area where it has proved to be very successful.

Soon members of the church in St Albans Road will be visiting homes in Garston armed with a questionnaire seeking out those in need of help and support.

A team of volunteers is being lined up in an attempt to meet their needs once they have been identified.

Plans are in place to offer guidance to those seeking employment with writing CV's and interview techniques. It is also anticipated that help with more routine tasks like gardening, ironing, shopping for the housebound and DIY will be available in addition to support for adult literacy needs.

It is also hoped to extend the church's existing food bank which is currently operating on a small scale.

Help in locating those in need will also be sought from those already operating similar schemes in Watford or are aware of where help could be targeted.