An upcoming parish council meeting will debate the future of a recreation ground in Radlett.

In order to meet modern requirements for the ground staff, and to replace the condemned storage units for the council’s extensive range of equipment, a new depot was constructed three years ago at Phillimore Recreation Ground on Gills Hill.

As a result, the pavilion has become unfit for purpose is now only used by football teams for changing and showering.

Estelle Samuelson at Aldenham Parish Council said the "size, shape and condition of the building is such that is now no longer attractive to other potential users".

With this in mind, the council would like to refurbish to existing building so that it can become a multi-functional community building.

Residents have been invited to give their views about the pavilion over the past few years, and as a result, different suggestions have been put forward for consideration.

The council would now like to consult with residents in a more formal way so that a decision can be made as to how to move forward with this vision.

The matter will be discussed at the annual Parish Council meeting on Monday March 10 at 7.30pm.