More than ever this year it is a good plan to get the spring cleaning done early.

Soon, praises be, we shall be able to banish the blackout for the time being; let us get rid of the dirt as well, so that we shall be able to enjoy the precious hours of daylight to the full.

Care of Stair Carpets: Take care of your stair carpet. Remember it is on the luxury list now. When you take it up for spring cleaning, don’t beat the poor thing to bits. An electric cleaner is the best way to remove the dirt. When you put the carpet back, be careful to lay it so that the tread goes the same way as the pile. If you are continually kicking against the pile, it will soon show signs of wear.

To Clean Coil Bed Springs: This used to be the job I hated most but I don’t mind it now. I tackle it with a dish mop – just an ordinary little shaggy mop dipped in paraffin. Does the paraffin smell? Just a bit ... but it’s good for the springs, makes them shine like anything, and keeps away flies. So it’s worth it. The smell wears off in a day or two.

[From the Watford Observer of March 14, 1941]

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