The relaunch of the Parent Teacher Association at a Chipperfield school is offering residents and businesses an opportunity to become involved in a new community project.

The newly named Friends of St Paul’s School is offering people from Chipperfield and the surrounding villages the chance to become "friends" with St Paul’s C of E VA School in a move that hopes to foster new community ties and promote local industry.

They are looking for locals and businesses to donate time, money or services.

Luke Silverton, chairman of the Friends of St Paul’s School, said: "Rebranding the PTA has afforded us the opportunity to reach out the hand of friendship to the wider community. Whether you run the local pub, are the village butcher or have an office in or near Chipperfield, we want to invite you to become part of a mutually beneficial relationship. Support the school and the school will support you. It is as simple as that. The Government keeps telling us that we’re all in it together. This is Chipperfield’s chance to prove it."

The Friends of St Paul’s School is a registered charity, which aims to provide support to the school, to help improve resources, facilities and the social environment for the children.

This year its chief aim is to raise as much money as possible towards the £45,000 needed to upgrade the school’s ICT suite.

For more information, contact Camilla Hogan on 07920 139059, 01442 769644, or