A new bus service was launched yesterday, with Watford Mayor Dorothy Thornhill and the chairman of UNO Philip Waters in attendance.

The UK Building Research Establishment (BRE) staff, visitors and tenants as well as the local Garston community will benefit from two new stops on the UNO 622 and 652 bus routes.

From March 31 the buses, which form part of the University of Hertfordshire service, will make additional stops on Bucknall’s Lane and on the BRE site in Garston which receives in excess of twenty thousand visitors a year. 

Mayor Thornhill said: "Traffic congestion and parking are two issues that resonate with Watford residents. We all need to start making small switches in our behaviour, taking the bus instead of the car once a week makes a difference or cycling - we’ve seen a huge increase in cycling around the town in the past months. A multitude of small positive actions like this could transform our town."

For further information contact Linda McKeown on mckeownl@bre.co.uk