Rickmansworth firefighters and Royal Navy officers joined forces at the weekend in the first of what is intended to be a bi-annual training day.

Crews from the Rectory Road station and personnel from the Royal Navy, based at Northwood Command Centre, took part in a series of exercises on Saturday.

Fourteen Navy personnel arrived at Rickmansworth Fire Station to start the exercises at 8.30am. The crews continued training until 5.30pm.  

Drills included a breathing and apparatus search and rescue at the old Rickmansworth police station and a controlled lift of a car using air mats and Lukas ram at the fire station.

Casualty handling and maintaining a constant water supply were also practised.

The training day came about after Rickmansworth watch commander, Sean Good, and Royal Navy’s lieutenant, Jon Littman, brainstormed the idea as a way of improving command, leadership, teamwork and management for personnel from both services.