A full-time carer has said she is "outraged" that her driveway was left blocked for nearly a week, meaning she could not get a car in if there had been an emergency.

Paola Talminteri woke up on Sunday morning to find a silver Vauxhall was blocking her drive way in St George’s Road. She said the car had been clamped and had no road tax.

The 52-year-old said: "At first I thought it might just be a neighbour’s car, and we could move it.

"Later in the day I realised this was not the case and started to worry. I am a full time carer for my mother, who cannot walk. If there had been an emergency I would not have been able to get her to the car."

Miss Talminteri called the police, who managed to trace the car’s owner. However, they told the police it had been sold. The police then referred Miss Talminteri to Watford Borough Council.

She continued: "I was passed from pillar to post. Watford Borough Council then transferred me to Veolia Environmental Services, the company that handle waste, recycling and rubbish.

"It has been ridiculous. It felt like no one could help. It seems crazy because what have I done? Someone parked in my driveway and I was left with all this bother. I almost didn’t have my rubbish collected because of the blockage.

"What was the worst was the fact that my brother, who also lives in the house, was not able to park in his own driveway.

"Why should he have to risk having his car broken into by parking on the street? It is absurd.

"The driver that left it there was obviously incredibly selfish, and having to deal with all the different services has been very stressful and frustrating. I wouldn’t have cared if it had been parked somewhere else."

The car was moved by the DVLA this morning, but Miss Talminteri said the whole experience has been "very upsetting."

She continued: "So many people had the power to move it, it was not life or death. But there are so many rules to abide to it was me that was left suffering. If my car had no road tax I’m sure it would have been towed straight away. It is a good job we didn't have any emergancies."

Mark Jeffery said on behalf of Watford Borough Council: "We have found out that the DLVA have independently clamped as part of their operations in the area. They have now removed the vehicle."