A family of five have had to put their life on hold after the council relocated them to Essex.

Heidi Tiffen and her four daughters were living in private accommodation Bushey until they were given six months to vacate their house.

Ms Tiffen went to Hertsmere Borough Council for help, but they told her there was nothing they could do until she produced a bailiff’s notice.

The 34-year-old said: "The last few weeks have been an absolute nightmare

"I was given plenty of notice to move out, and so were the council but they would not help until I was homeless.

"They then relocated my whole family to Essex which is absolutely ludicrous."

Ms Tiffen who works as Bucks Meadow in Watford has not been able to get to work for a week and her daughters have not been at school.

She continued: "How the hell am I meant to get it work? It would cost me more to get to work than I would earn. My children are also missing out on their education.

"My 11-year-old begged me to go to a school event yesterday, which ended up costing £68. My 15-year-old is weeks away from here GCSEs so she should not be missing school at this crucial time. The school have been extremely helpful, but it is not the same as being in school."

Ms Tiffen said she was also "unimpressed" with the accommodation she had been placed in. She continued: "We have had no heating or hot water since we have been here. There is also no aerial or internet, so my girls have been getting very bored. We don’t know anyone here, and all of our possessions are still in Bushey.

"We are looking forward to getting back to normal after this stressful situation.

"It has been an awful experience. No one should be treated like this. I am fed up of being thrown pillar to post.

"Friends and family have been extremely supportive, but it is limited how much they can do because they are so far away."

Ms Tiffen has been told she may be able to move to Borehamwood in two weeks time. She said she is excited to be able to get back to work and the children back to school.

Anna Cotton said on behalf of Hertsmere Borough Council: "Access to emergency accommodation is limited in Hertsmere and at times we have no choice but to place people outside of the borough until a suitable property becomes available.

"We continue to work on various schemes to increase the amount of emergency and temporary accommodation available which includes working with private landlords."