A drug dealer serving more than four years in prison has been put under a court order to prevent him returning to his criminal trade.

Omar Khan, aged 34, from Ashfield Avenue in Bushey, had a Serious Crime Prevention Order, which restricts his movement and activities, imposed on him on Tuesday at St Albans Crown Court.

The order prevents Khan from being in possession of more than £2,000 in cash, having more than one bank account, possessing more than two mobile devices, using taxis and he must also notify police of all vehicles he owns.

It also prohibits him from having contact with his associates Ozan Hendley and Lee Raymond Cook, who were convicted as part of the same drugs supply conspiracy, and also Ian Harris, who had previously been linked to him. 

The order lasts for three years from Khan’s release from prison and he can face up to five years in prison for breaching any of the conditions.

Detective Sergeant Ben Freeman said: "We are extremely pleased that this order was granted. Only four of these orders have been granted in Hertfordshire since they came into force in 2008. The offence he was convicted of involved a significant amount of cocaine and police found the drugs supply operation to be highly sophisticated. 

"We had reasonable ground to suspect that Khan would return to dealing drugs on his release. The restrictions placed on Khan will greatly restrict his ability to return to a life of crime and therefore reduce the risk he poses to the community when he is released."

David Lloyd, Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, added: "I fully support the use of any legislation that takes away a criminal’s ability to commit crime. Watford residents can take comfort in the knowledge that this offender will find it considerably more difficult to return to a life of crime if that is what he chooses to do on his release from prison."