More than 50 members of staff at KPMG raised £600 for charity last week at an event to help celebrate International Women’s Day.

The "Drive your Ambition" event was the first in a series of planned events for male and female staff in the Clarendon Road office, designed to help staff with their career progression and development.

Melissa Warren, the Watford region chairwoman who organised the event, said: ‘Women are increasingly filling senior business roles which have previously been typically viewed as being reserved for men.

"As a result, I believe it is important that our network at KPMG not only supports and encourages the career development of its members but also shares the achievements  and showcases inspirational examples of successfully managing the all elusive work/life balance which many women often have to consider.  This was a great opportunity for us to do exactly that with our peers and senior management."

The money raised will go to Shelter and Action for Literacy.