Construction has started on a new bridge over the Watford pond as part of town centre’s £4.3 million make-over.

The metal frame of the walkway has been laid over the empty water feature and when complete it will have a wooden decked surface with illuminated hand rails.

Work is also now due to begin on fitting it with a new water filtration system.

Watford Observer:

How the new pond will look

The new system will have UV filters to remedy the pond’s previous algae problem, which gave its water an unpleasant murky green hue.

Three new fountains will also be put in to the new pond to help aerate the water and make it a better environment for the fish.

Other features of new pond will include a new canvas and mud lining and the northern end will have a stepped seating area leading to the water’s edge.

During the construction the pond’s fish have been housed in aquariums while they await the completion of their new home.

The council said it also hopes that the town’s heron will return to the pond once the water is back.

Laura Ormerod, of the Landscaped Architects BDP says: "The scheme will create an elegant, more accessible and comfortable environment for both pedestrians and cyclists. It will also retain and enhance the setting of the pond which has been there for over 100 years."

Alan Gough, Head of Community and Customer Service at Watford Borough Council added:
"The pond and the new events space will be much more accessible, providing a cleaner environment and a brilliant place to watch outdoor art."

The revamp of the pond comes as the council nears the completion of its scheme to regenerate The Parade. New paving has been laid and street lighting installed from Rickmansworth Road to the junction with Clarendon Road.

As part of the scheme the area at the northern end of The Parade is being decluttered and will be used for a programme of public events planned to start later this year.

Among the events confirmed are an ice skating rink and big movie screen for showings of classic movies.