A huge statue of a wooden conker has been erected in Oxhey Park as part of a £600,000 revamp scheme.

Watford’s elected mayor, Dorothy Thornhill, officially unveiled the makeover of the park yesterday, which includes new seating, trees, signage and litter bins.

The park has also been furnished with a new viewing area, a new outdoor gym, public art, resurfacing all the footpaths.

New fencing has also been installed as well as a new formal park entrance at the Lower High Street end of the park.

Mayor Thornhill said: "Watford’s green spaces are really important to our residents, so I’m really pleased to see these improvements.

"The new grand steps leading up from the river are stunning. It’s great that we worked so closely with the Friends of Oxhey Park during the design and consultation process. This is something we always do with our parks - speak to local people and school children and get their input."

The council worked with the Friends of Oxhey Park during the design and consultation process. 

Sandy Belloni, of the Friends of Oxhey Park, said: "We were very impressed with the interest and effort the council has shown in relation to the park improvements. The Friends of Oxhey Park sought local views on what the park needed, and our ideas and suggestions were listened to and led to many changes from the original works outline."

Fellow Friend of Oxhey Park, Celia Smith added: "The outdoor gym is being used lots. Very often there are people on it when I walk by and I have a go myself of course! The play area was amazingly busy over the last few sunny weekends and families were playing football in the goal-mouths too. It was lovely to see the park so well used."