People in Watford are being asked to help locate missing Hannibal the heron, who used to frequent the town centre pond.

The bird deserted his usual home after it was drained as part of construction work.

Watford Borough Council is keen to find Hannibal, whose nickname comes from his tendency to devour the fish in the water-feature, as work on the pond nears completion.

Dorothy Thornhill, Watford’s elected mayor, said the pond’s wildlife was a popular feature and she was keen to see Hannibal return.

She said: "We understand the historic importance of keeping water there but also about the wildlife and we want to reassure people that will be happening.

"We have to tempt him to return home then he can have a home coming."

The council said the pond’s fish have been placed in an aquarium for the duration of the construction and will be reintroduced when it is finished.