The address made famous by the world's favourite wizard has come onto the market for the first time since it was built.

Number 4, Privet Drive appeared in the Harry Potter series, and was the house in which the young wizard grew up. However, it is the real-life home of the Hussain family.

The house is in a private road in Leavesden, close to the Warner Bros Studios where the franchise was filmed, and has come onto the market for the first time since it was built in 2012.

Dee Hussain currently lives at the famous address with her husband, daughter, Mariyah, 10 and son, Zaine, 15.

Mrs Hussain said: "When we bought the house we didn’t realise the significance of the address. But then when I said it to my son, who was reading the books at the time, he was like ‘oh my god, that’s Harry Potter’s house’. The house was reserved by someone else but then they pulled out and we pestered the estate agent and managed to secure it. It was totally luck that we got it and I didn’t understand the importance of the address at the time."

Watford Observer:

The family receive post from children all around the world, who are attempting to write to Harry Potter. Being so close to the Harry Potter studio tour, they often invite friends and family to take photos outside their house before visiting the Leavesden attraction.

Mrs Hussain said: "Both my kids are really big fans of the books and they were so excited when we got the house. My son grew up with them and was the age when they were all first coming out.

"They’ve got the boxset and have got a Harry Potter t-shirt. My daughter’s friend is the biggest Harry Potter fan, she is a fanatic and absolutely obsessed with it. When we got the house and my daughter told her she was so excited to come round and took loads of photos. I think my daughter has gained lots of new friends because of it."

Currently, the private road does not appear on any maps and not many people are aware of its existence.

Mrs Hussain said: "People don’t really know we’re here, so we wanted to make people aware. Even Watford Borough Council didn’t know we were here, the woman I spoke to said ‘that’s not a real address’. When we booked tickets to the studio tour and told them our address the woman on the phone thought I was taking the mick."

She added: "My kids are so sad to be leaving but it’s really nice to be able to say that we once lived here. It’s been a very special time."

The house is being sold by a local estate agent and will also be listed on internet auction site eBay.