"Flash bang wallop - the history of guns and gunpowder" will be the topic for discussion at Cassio Lodge, The Avenue, Watford, from 7.30pm on Wednesday, April 16.

The talk will be delivered by Derek Sayell, a member of the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain.

He will explore the early discovery of gunpowder and where a Franciscan Friar, Roger Bacon, fits into the story.

The development of weaponry will include the earliest British gun from the reign of Edward III, up to the introduction of breech loading in the 19th century.

He will include the guns recovered from the wreck of the Mary Rose.

For details contact Katharine Whitaker from the South West Herts Archaeological & History Society on 07784 807108.

Admission to the talk is free for members of the group and £2 for visitors.