Crime levels have reduced in Bushey and Radlett in the last year, although some areas including vehicle crime are on the rise.

The figures, which were released at a crime safety partnership meeting on Monday, show that 1,067 crimes have been committed from March 2013 until March 2014 - which is down from 1,220 the previous year.

In Bushey, violent crime, robbery and domestic burglary are all down. However, vehicle crime has increased 16% and serious crime has risen from 1 crime to 4.

One of these was the murder of Rebecca Thompson by her father in Homefield Road and another was the death of Prasanna ‘Nick’ Arulchelvam. The father-of-one was found fatally injured with a fractured skull in the Costco car park in Hartspring Lanein May.

In Radlett, no serious violent crime was reported, and violent crime and robbery were down. Vehicle crime was up to 45, which is 14 more cases than the previous year.

Bushey and Radlett Neighbourhood Sergeant Noel Buckley said: "We have increased high-visibility patrols, targeted known offenders and we have brought many burglars before the courts for sentencing.

"Burglars continually want to steal Asian gold, as it is easy to sell on, so we are trying to encourage families to keep their precious jewellery safe under lock and key when it is not being worn. "We are still experiencing a problem with vehicle crime when people are leaving their valuables including Sat Navs, mobile phone and purses on display. Never leave anything in your car to tempt an opportunist thief."

Officers at the crime safety partnership meeting in Aldenham also discussed concerns over criminal damage in Bushey North.

Since August of last year, the police have recorded 17 brick walls that have been damaged in roads including Duncan Way, Mead Way and Bushey Mill Lane.

Bushey North representative councillor Leslie Winters said the damage estimate is around £80,000.

Sergeant Noel Buckley said two Acceptable Behaviour Agreements (ABAs) have been given out as a result of this - a boy and a girl aged between 12-14. ABAs involve multiple agencies and are done with their parents. They impose restrictions including curfews to help curb offending.

Sergeant Buckley said the police were hoping to issue another ABA in the near future.

In addition to the wall knocking, there have also been eight windows damaged since August and damage to nine cars - two of which have been detected.

In addition to this, people at the meeting were told an "Aladdin’s cave" of stolen property was found in the Bushey area at the beginning of this month. Six people were arrested, and one charged with a burglary in Bushey. So far 16 crimes have been identified as being linked to these persons. All crimes are around the Sparrows Herne area of Bushey.