A Jewish school in Bushey Heath hosted a Jewish Life Tour for students from Hatfield this week.

Immanuel College, in Elstree Road, gave 70 visiting students from Bishop's Hatfield Girls' School a tour of Jewish Life on Tuesday.

The Immanuel students presented the key Jewish rites of passage, explained the fundamentals of Shabbat, passionately advocated the centrality of Israel and ate their way through the complexities of Kashrut.

The programme gave the non-Jewish students of Bishop’s School a chance to bring their Religious Studies curriculum to life in a positive and exciting learning environment.

The assistant head teacher of Bishop’s school said that the Immanuel students were "a real credit to the school" and that they were "informative, friendly and spoke clearly and with real enthusiasm".

Celia Rabstein from Immanual College said: "Immanuel College, in conjunction with the Board of Deputies, look forward to welcoming other schools, continuing to play their part in this important role of educating the wider community."