A row has erupted between Watford and Three Rivers councils over the colour of the new Croxley Rail Link viaduct, which will straddle the two areas.

Following complaints from residents about plans to leave the new structure gunmetal grey, councillors from the two areas have come up with differing suggestions to spruce up the viaduct.

Watford wants the structure to be painted in bright Hornets’ yellow while Three Rivers have mooted imperial purple.

A leaked Three Rivers document said the council favoured imperial purple, the colour worn by Roman emperors, as it would “lend gravitas” to the viaduct.

In the document, council officials also rejected Watford’s yellow colour scheme on the grounds it would be “garish” and a “potential distraction to motorists”.

If the dispute cannot be resolved, the colour scheme for the rail overpass will be spilt at the border over the Grand Union Canal.