A mother-of-three has been nominated to stand as the Conservative candidate in the Watford mayoral elections.

Linda Topping, who has stood as a Conservative candidate in previous local elections, was unveiled this week.

In a statement released by the party, Mrs Topping said: “Watford is a fantastic place to live and work. I have lived in Watford for 11 years and love the town, but there are things that need improving. Our high street and shopping parades need help and I want to explore new ways to boost local shops by improving access and encouraging people to shop locally.”

“I also feel the council could be putting its funds to better use by concentrating on frontline services. Across the country Conservative councils are improving services while saving money, I want to bring this approach to Watford.”

In May Mrs Topping will stand against the current elected mayor, Dorothy Thornhill, who is seeking a fourth term. Labour and the UK Independence party are also fielding candidates in the race.

As well as being a political activist, Mrs Topping has worked with small charities across Watford and is a founding organiser of the Starlight Walk for the Watford’s Peace Hospice Care.