A photographer from Watford has made  the top ten in a national competition "Love Captured".

Maresa Smith’s image "My Crazy Love" showed a joyful couple standing balanced on top of a tree trunk with the woman holding colourful balloons in the woods in  Cassiobury Park.

Speaking about her entry finishing ninth, Maresa said, "My heart skipped a beat, I was so excited when I heard I was in the top ten, it really made my week. It was one of my first shoots and I think it’s very me - I want people to smile when they see my photography."

Watford Observer:

The winning image

Maresa, who lives in King Street, Watford, is now a freelance photographer having previously worked full-time at the photographic studio Fresh Academy.

The 25-year-old said: "In the next few weeks I'll be working with The Flower Shop in Watford, The End boutique and Ocean Bells Coffee Shop. My dream is to be a commercial and lifestyle photographer, represented by a London agency."

And regarding the top ten picture she said: "As a photographer I'm always looking to capture character. Whether it is fun, serious, energetic or pensive, I'm looking to steal a moment in time and I often think of photography as a visual diary."