A new CCTV room with high definitions screens has opened allowing police to keep a closer eye on what’s going on in the town centre.

The new facility has moved from Charter Place to Watford Police Station, in Shady Lane, as part of an initiative with Watford Borough Council.

The new control room can display footage from up to nine cameras and also has radios so officers can communicate with shops, bars and patrolling police.

Chief Inspector for Watford, Dave Wheatley said: "I am pleased to host the new CCTV unit at Watford Police Station. We work very closely with the CCTV operators already and having them based at the station will further boost that partnership."

Dorothy Thornhill, elected mayor of Watford, added: "One of our top priorities as a council is making Watford town centre as safe as possible for residents and visitors, no matter where or when they visit.

"The relocation of our control room within Watford Police Station means that we can provide a faster, more efficient and joined up service, and that is good news for all of us."