A Radlett resident celebrated her 100th birthday with a telegram from The Queen this week.

Joan Wickens, a resident at Houndswood House in Harper Lane, was joined by family members at a party held on Wednesday.

Ms Wickens was born in Kilburn in 1914 and left school at 14 to make work at a tailor making hats.

At one point in her career, she made hats for the Queen mother.

She never married, saying "all the men went to war and there were not enough to go around" and ended up working in John Lewis in the hat department.

Ms Wickens has one great great nephew Peter who visits her in the dementia ward at the home often. 

Staff joined in the celebrations and described the centenarian as "a brilliant character".

Beverly Ann-Lee, Joan’s main carer said: "Joan is as strong as anything. She takes life in her stride.

"We had a great day. Joan is a very warm and loving lady. We have a fantastic bond and it is great she has reached this milestone."