Hopes President Jimmy Carter of the United States would visit Watford, home of a link with his ancestors, during his visit to this country in May have been dashed.

Watford Council were told by the county archivist that President Carter’s ancestors were likely to have had some connection with Carters living in Watford in the 16th Century.

Watford Council understood from what they had read in the national newspapers the President intended to visit this country in May and intended to travel outside London when he came, so they got in touch with the Prime Minister’s Office to see whether there was any likelihood of the President visiting the Watford area.

At the council meeting on Tuesday, however, chief executive Mr Bruce McMillan, announced they had been advised by 10 Downing Street the programme for President Carter’s visit made it unlikely.

[From the Watford Observer of April 15, 1977]

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