Watford Junction, the stopping point for British Rail’s speedy inter-city services to and from the Midlands, may look like a mini-Euston station within the next few years – shops, kiosks, cafeterias, superloos, the lot.

British Rail sources say the facelift, costing at least £1 million, could begin by 1980. It is understood a new bus bay at the station approach is also included in the plans.

The Junction, which even railmen label a “Victorian monstrosity” handles up to 200 people a day using inter city services. At least 17 inter-city trains stop at Watford during the morning. And during a peak four-week period last year, well over 192,000 passengers used the station.

Said Bob Long, deputy station manager at Watford Junction: “A transformation for the Junction can’t come soon enough for us.”

[From the Watford Observer of April 29, 1977]

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