The centenary of the death of Hubert von Herkomer was marked this week.

Herkomer achieved international recognition as a portraitist and as a painter of 'social realism' subjects.

He founded a famous art school in Bushey which attracted many talented students including Lucy Kemp-Welch, who became a famous horse-artist. 

In addition Herkomer was a talented musician and composer, an early pioneer of cinematography and the founder of an international car rally. 

He lived most of his life in Bushey where he built an extraordinary house, and he commissioned the Bushey Rose Garden which is still around today.

On Monday a group of Trustees and Friends of Bushey Museum laid a wreath on Herkomer’s tomb in St James's Churchyard. 

Displays of the life and work of Herkomer and his students are on currently on display at Bushey Museum.