A primary school in Bushey hosted an Asian week for pupils to celebrate its ethnic and cultural diversity with local community.

Highwood Primary School on Mead Way decided to hold the event to tie in with Asian New Year.

Anjali Carter at the school said: "The response has been tremendous.

"Each morning the children have been given the opportunity to discover and learn about high quality Asian literature.

"They have also been lucky enough to have a member of the Sikh community come in to talk about Sikhism and its main tenets. In addition to this, an assembly about Hinduism was given by the ISKCON Educational Services.

"The children were riveted by these talks and listened exceedingly well.

"From the very beginning, this event has sought to integrate the children, parents and local community and has done so with great effect.

"The request for parent helpers has been met with so much gusto and generosity. Each afternoon there has been a plethora of enthusiastic ‘helpers’ keen to assist the children and teachers.

"There has been an audible buzz around the school with adults and children alike saying how much they have enjoyed themselves and how much they have learned. Indeed there have even been reports of how proud the children are of their parents for coming in to share their knowledge and expertise."