Children from Stanborough Park School in Garston took part in an end of term Easter egg hunt as part of an event organised by the Co-operative Food Stores which aimed to teach children about fair and ethical trading.

Manager of the company's Meriden supermarket, Olivier Duclos, organised the egg hunt and Fairtrade presentation. 

Headteacher Kathleen Hanson said: "Adults often reminisce about the ‘good old days’ and mostly when we do this, we are thinking of a time when people knew their neighbours and shop-keepers and there was a sense of community.

"It was wonderful to have the Co-op come to our school. We learnt that they believe in developing communities and it was great to meet members of staff who work in the local branches.

"We also learnt of the Co-op’s commitment to fair and ethical trading, through an interactive assembly led by Julia Fuller, the Co-operative Membership officer for Central and Eastern Region."

The school aims to develop its links with Co-operative Food Stores in the future and pupils will be taking part in a second Fairtrade presentation by the company next term at nearby Kingsway School.