Everything is blooming at the Green Canteen on the Meriden estate in Watford, as elected mayor Dorothy Thornhill discovered when she called in to see it in action today.

The Green Canteen, accessed between 24 and 26 Garsmouth Way, is a place where people can learn and develop gardening and horticultural skills, either as a volunteer or on a three-week course which costs  £10.

It was created in partnership with Herts Mind Network and it is a social enterprise, a business which is good for the local community and the environment.

Produce is sold, with profits reinvested back into the business. The Green Canteen also has a "trading shed" selling second-hand gardening equipment, such as pots, tools and watering cans.
The Learn to Garden courses - run by West Herts College - are for three hours over a three weeks period.

They are introductory courses enabling budding gardeners to develop skills in areas such as soil preparation, sewing and planting seeds, cultivating growth and potting on young plants.

The Green Canteen is also on the look-out for experienced gardeners who would like to share some of their secrets with trainees.

If you would like to volunteer or get more information about attending a course, contact Caron Brennan, Green Canteen Coordinator, on 07544 428928 or caron.brennan@hertsmindnetwork.org
The Green Canteen is open 10am until 4pm Monday to Friday but it will also be open on Sunday (April 13) for a special spring fair from 11am to 3pm.

Visitors will be able to buy plants, bulbs, hanging baskets and handmade bird boxes and take part in a range of Easter activities. There will also be homemade cakes and refreshments and a raffle.