A council has unanimously voted to reject plans to demolish four houses and build 22 two bedroom apartments in Bushey, saying the application was an "over development" and would have a "unacceptable impact on the street scene".

Shanly Homes submitted plans to Hertsmere Borough council last year to demolish 203-209 Merry Hill Road and replace them with two three storey blocks containing 22 two bedroom flats with 29 parking spaces, and a bin and recycling store.

Before the planning meeting last month more than 50 residents met with Hertsmere MP James Clappison to oppose the plans.

Alan Bobroff of Linnet Close organised the meeting and spoke against the application at the planning meeting on behalf of the Merry Hill Residents’ Association and a number of other local residents.

He said: "We believe this proposal constitutes a gross overdevelopment of the site. The two large blocks will be completely out of character with the local area."

Other objections included the loss of sunlight to neighbouring homes, the lack of parking, the loss of green space and traffic concerns.

Mr Bobroff concluded by asking the council to "reject the inappropriate application to fit a quart into a pint pot."

At the meeting at Hertsmere Borough Council’s offices, Bushey Heath Councillor Brenda Batten spoke against the application as community advocate, calling the application "completely inappropriate and unacceptable".

Mrs Batten, who lives near the proposed development, said that she had received 117 letters of objection to the proposals.

She said: "I cannot think that this application has any merit what-so-ever. It is completely out of character with the green and open nature of the surrounding area of the bird estate, as it is so called."

Mrs Batten also noted concerts traffic because the access road is used by parents of three neighbouring schools.

She continued: "I’m amazed that the highways have not commented more on this proposal. If anyone knows this road they would realise any more vehicles would be catastrophic. At the moment two vehicles cannot safely pass at the narrow end of the road particularly when cars are parked there.

"The development would be out of character, cause overlooking, have a detrimental effect on neighbours and be an overdevelopment of the site."

Hertsmere Borough Council voted to refuse the application based on it being an "overdevelopment of the site that would have an unacceptable impact on the street scene".

A report issued said: "The proposal would have an unacceptable living environment for future occupiers.

"It would also have an unacceptable impact on neighbouring residential occupiers."

No one spoke in favour the application at the meeting. Speaking aftewards Mr Bobroff said residents were "thrilled to bits" that the application was refused.

The 75-year-old said: "It is marvellous that it has been turned down, and we are all over the moon.

"The residents have really come together to oppose the application and save this lovely area, at the end of the day we all want the same thing.

"We are delighted to see democracy works in Hertsmere."