A hard-boiled egg and a cigarette led to six decades of wedded happiness for one Bushey couple.

Jean and Don Jenner, of Park Avenue, met in Runnymede 64 years ago after cycling to the park from opposite ends of London with their friends.

Mrs Jenner, 80, said a friend of hers who smoked asked her to go over to a group of boys sitting nearby and swap part of their lunch - a hard-boiled egg - in return for a cigarette.

This was the first time the pair met and after speaking with one another for the rest of the day, Mr Jenner walked his future wife home to Kilburn - some 20 miles away from his house in Barnes.

Four years later, on March 27, the couple married in Paddington and with the birth of their first child, Simon, they moved to South Oxhey to live with Mrs Jenner’s mother as a way to save money.

Mrs Jenner used to work for the Home Office and her husband used to do clerical work.

The pair moved into their Park Avenue house, which they bought for £2,000, after leaving Mrs Jenner’s mother’s home in South Oxhey as their family began to grow.

The couple celebrated their diamond anniversary with their five children and 11 grandchildren at Aldenham Golf Club, on Sunday, March 30.

Speaking about what has made their marriage so strong, Mrs Jenner said: "It’s all about working together. You give and you take. We’re a team and we’ve had to pull together and work hard."

She added: "It’s been so rewarding and we’ve got five really super kids who are very concerned for us and we’ve tried our best to set them sort of example and it’s lovely to see them growing up, and their children growing up."

Five years ago, Mr Jenner, 84, suffered a stroke and since then his movement down the left side of his body has been limited.

Mr Jenner said: "For the last five years I haven’t been able to get about so well but my wife looks after everything. She cooks, cleans and tends to the garden."

Mrs Jenner added: "But that’s what it’s all about. You work together and you just do it. You get on with it."

The couple received a telegram from the Queen congratulating them on their 60-year marriage.

Mrs Jenner said: "We thought the card was wonderful but it was a total surprise. Our children have taken it to put it in a special frame for us. We just have to find space for it now amongst all of our family photos."

Hornets fan, Mr Jenner, added: "Sixty years seems a long, long time but it’s just gone by so quickly and so much has happened. I’m sure the next ten years will fly by and soon we’ll be celebrating our 70th wedding anniversary."