Three Rivers homeowners who will be affected by HS2 high-speed rail link may be eligible for compensation, the government announced yesterday.

Phase one of the controversial rail link, which will run between London and Birmingham, is due to pass through Three Rivers, particularly affecting those living in Maple Cross and West Hyde.

Some parts of the compensation package will be available now and others following a further consultation later this year. Many compensation schemes have been drawn up.

As of Wednesday, an Express Purchase scheme is being launched for owner-occupiers of properties closest to the line, at about 60 metres.

A Rent-back option will also be available, which will mean that those people who want to sell their properties, but carry-on living where they are, may be able to do so.

The Exceptional Hardship scheme will also continue to be available for those who have an urgent need to sell their home but are unable to do so because of HS2.

The government also intends to introduce a Voluntary Purchase scheme by the end of the year for owner occupiers in rural areas outside the safeguarded area and up to 120 metres away from the line.

Eligible owner-occupiers would be able to apply to sell their property for its full unblighted market value.

Compensation payments could vary between £7,500 and £22,500, depending on how close the route is to the property.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: "I completely understand the concerns and anxieties of those living near the line and it is only right that those people are properly looked after."